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Software Developer

I'm always learning new languages, frameworks, libraries, etc. to create interesting new projects. I'm currently interning part time with Hy-Vee; however, I am still looking for a full time position starting December 2022!


Collins Aerospace: Simultaneous Call Transmission

January 2022 - December 2022

A team of 2 software engineers and 3 electrical engineers are building a machine learning model to detect when multiple radio signals are being read through an air traffic controller radio using Python and TensorFlow. We made a radio simulation using Matlab and Simulink and setup a continuous integration GitLab pipeline to generate new training data on each push. Checkout the Senior Design Team 13 Website


August 2021 - March 2022

This is a Firebase/Sveltekit web app that tracks construction equipment between job sites using QR-codes, barcodes, or any text id. Many companies use their own highly specialized, internally built QR-code tracking application. This implementation is specialized for construction equipment. Equipment may be checked in or out by scanning the correct QR-code with the correct privileges. Foremen delegate these privileges to their workers and all equipment movement may be tracked and recorded for further analysis. Truckers can also be delegated to transport equipment from job site to job site at some specific time.

This gives a clear image of where equipment gets lost. This also has the advantage of responsibility tracking and overall better equipment info for everyone in the company
Check it out!
Username: arst@arst.ars
Password: arstARST1234!@#$


December 2019 - Janary 2020

A JavaScript implementation of an interactive algorithm visualizer. It runs an A* search algorithm as well as Conway's Game of Life. A few features have broken since it was written unfortunately so I've reverted it to an older commit.
There are buttons on the bottom left to select the tool to use. The three little grey buttons allow you to select which algorithm you are using.
Check it out!
AlgoGrid demo image

MIT BattleCode 2020

December 2020

This was an AI competition in a team with the ISU AI Club. We wrote Python scripts to define our unit's behavior in team duels. Check out the post-mortem!
Image of best case AI


April 2022 - August 2022

Designed and manufactured a 42 or 36 key, bluetooth keyboard capable of at least 100mAh battery life per side.
Image of keyboard PCB

Affordable Housing

March 2017

Designed an affordable house that was built in Des Moines, IA using Autodesk Revit for the Polk County Housing Trust Fund. This was a month long competition among a few high schools in Iowa.
Image of house